Jessica Kirkland is the complete package. As an agent she is tenacious, creative, and bold—a relentless champion of her clients and their work. She is a visionary who not only sees the full potential in every author and project, but also the step-by-step plan that will make that potential a reality. She excels at big-picture career strategy, guiding clients through key decisions that position them for long-term career success. As a marketing expert, she provides detailed guidance, and she is constantly learning and adapting to stay ahead of industry changes. Jessica is not just great at her work; she is also a joy to work with. Her integrity, compassion, and sincerity shine through in all she does. I count it a privilege and joy to work with her.

Elizabeth Laing Thompson
Author of The Tender Years: Parenting Preschoolers, The Thirteenth Summer, and When God Says, "Wait" (releasing March 2017)

As a literary agent, Jessica Kirkland delivers a rare combination of business and marketing savvy, a sharp editorial eye, and a visionary grasp on the future of publishing and media entertainment. She’s a high-character and high-energy force who has provided me with potent and well-timed guidance, encouragement, and support in my journey to publication, both in story development and getting my debut novel sold to the absolute right publisher. Jessica Kirkland is a gift to the literary community.

Dennis Ricci
Award-Winning Author of Perilous Judgment

Jessie believed in my work before the hype. This speaks volumes of her. She has vision when others only care only about numbers, instead of being handed the golden egg, she fosters potential. She thinks outside the box and makes suggestions that make me think, rethink, and create at a new level. Her services are outstanding—her character, enthusiasm, and savvy—priceless.

Jami Amerine
Blogger at Sacred Ground Sticky Floors

As my agent, Jessica has proven to be a talent developer, a creative marketing strategist, an adventurous risk-taker, and a loyal long-haul investor. She has the unique gift of truly seeing her clients and their messages and as a result, not only do they feel valued, and expand their voice and platform, with Jessica as their agent, they become a better version of themselves.

Francie Winslow
Popular women’s ministry speaker and Author of The God Experience

Signing on with Jessica was a good career move. What I didn’t bargain for was her genuine interest in my life, her careful attention to my health, and her faithful prayers on my behalf. Jessica Kirkland is more than an agent—she’s a spiritual partner. She’ll sell your manuscripts and encourage your soul. Basically, she’s a gift.

Trisha White Priebe
Blogger at and Author of The Glass Castle, The Ruby Moon, and A Sherlock Holmes Devotional

First and foremost, Jessica Kirkland is a visionary. She has a unique and awe-inspiring ability to think and create outside “the box” on a daily basis. And for the last three years, Jess has encouraged and supported me to do the same, not only in the context of my career goals, but also in my life. I’ve been honored to partner with such a loyal, honest, tenacious, kind-hearted and compassionate agent. She’s a rare gem indeed.

Nicole Deese
Author of The Letting Go series, Love in Lenox series, and The Promise of Rayne

Jessica Kirkland develops the talents and strengths of every author honored to benefit from her expertise. Her years of experience have afforded me opportunities I would never have imagined. She continues to be the driving force behind my writing, style and focus. Encouraging me countless times with critically honest advice, she posses the unparalleled ability to envision the future of the industry.  Strategically guiding my path to success from the basics of writing to the end game, I became intimately aware that authors need an agent who understands the end game. I am a published author because she believed in me.

Dr. Don Brobst
Award-Winning Author of The Ghost of Africa and Thirteen Months

Whether acting as an agent, marketing consultant, or career advisor, Jessica Kirkland offers a wealth of knowledge to her clients, taking time to learn their goals then targeting her skills for highest impact. Her ability to think outside the box, her boldness in dealing with the industry, and her knack for encouragement work together to score a solid homerun for her clients.

Varina Denman
Award-Winning Author of The Mended Hearts Series, Jaded, Justified, & Jilted

I thank God for Jessie Kirkland. Her astute guidance and knowledge of the publishing industry have meant I can focus on what I love: writing! Living in Canada, I’ve often felt somewhat isolated as a writer, but signing with Jessie provided much-needed connections and made me part of a team. Most of all, I know my agent prays for me and that is worth everything.

Terrie Todd
Author of The Silver Suitcase, Maggie’s War, and Bleak Landing

I’ve loved working with Jessica. She’s efficient and professional. Trustworthy and innovative. She’s knowledgeable of the industry and effective with her methodology. She’s successful navigated me through the daunting and complicated world of publishing. I’m so thankful for her.

Katie Orr
Author of the popular FOCUSed15 Bible Study Series Everyday Peace, Everyday Faith, Everyday Hope, & Everyday Love

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