Do I need an agent?

Yes. Agents wear a variety of hats as they help authors navigate the publishing world. A good agent will help you sell your manuscript at a competitive price, edit the contract to make it more author friendly, and make sure the publisher honors the contract from concept to completion. Agent’s don’t just leverage their contacts on an author’s behalf, but they aid in the strategic exploitation of your work across a variety of media formats: TV, film, e-books, books, and audio. Agents help to find opportunities for writers and act as the liaison between author and publisher. An agent provides project and career guidance, and serves as a vital representative that helps champion an author’s career.

Do I pay an agent directly?

Agents take a 15% commission on the books they sell for you. Usually, the publishing house splits the fees due an Author (85%) and Agent (15%) and pays the parties directly.

Do I owe you money if my manuscript doesn’t sell?

No. This is the risk an agent takes when they sign you. This is why agents are careful to represent projects they are almost 100% certain they can sell. Otherwise, we do a lot of legwork for no pay.

Do you need a proposal in order to consider my work?

For non-fiction, I prefer a proposal plus sample chapters (usually 3 in no particular order).

For fiction, I prefer to review a one sheet first. If the premise interests me, I’ll request sample chapters and a proposal after my review.

Do you represent screenwriters?

Not at this time. We are focusing on book-film opportunities for our clients and marketing and acquisition partnerships with film studios.

Do you have a contract for clients?

Yes. We have a progressive agency contract that accommodates traditional and hybrid authors.

How can I apply for an internship at your agency?

We accept interns year-round. Specifically, I look for individuals skilled in social media, graphic design, podcasting, videography, or marketing. Please send an email to: with the following information:

  • Your contact information
  • Two reliable references (we will email these references).
  • A few sentences about you, your goals, and your unique skill set
  • A portfolio of previous work (if available)
  • Your desired start/end dates and weekly schedule preference