jessiekirkland2I would be honored to help make your upcoming writer’s conference a success. I’m happy to take appointments, speak on a publishing panel, or teach workshops. Here are the workshops that I currently teach around the country:

Blog Appeal: How to attract agents and editors to your blog

Note* This workshop can be given at either a general market writer’s conference, blogger/social media conference, or Christian market writer’s conference.

Workshop Description: As new forms of media help authors communicate their messages, blogs are one of them. Publishers cite blogs as one of the top ways people learn about and buy books. As an agent, Jessica scouts and signs bloggers regularly who have built well-established communities and are experts in their fields. In this class, Jessica will discuss how you can become a blogger that publishing professionals are eager to find and sign. With traditional media like radio canceling programs or having fewer slots to feature authors, blogging, according to PR professionals and publishers, is the way to build your audience and sell books. In addition, Jessica will discuss what should be included in your blog, some key blogging tips, as well as look at influential bloggers and why they are sought-after. She will give real-life examples of who she has signed, how she found them on the Internet, and what made these people unique enough to sign and sell. You will walk away understanding what it takes to get noticed in a crowded world, and how to stand out in the market. Jessica will also talk about how to network with other bloggers to expand your reach even further. There is no better time to be a blogger and pursue publication, and this workshop will help you go from hobby-blogger to published author.

Publishing Matters: An Agent’s Perspective on hybrid, indie, and traditional publishing

Note* This workshop can be given at either a general writer’s market or Christian market conference.

Workshop Description: The publishing industry is always changing, and more than ever, prospective writers need to be informed on how to achieve their writing goals. There is a lot of good and bad information out there concerning the in’s and out’s of traditional and self-publishing. We all know authors who are experiencing success on both paths, but a hasty move by an author on either path can spell disaster for a writers book project and even their entire career. In this class, Jessica will outline the do’s and don’ts of hybrid publishing. What does it take to write, edit, market, and sell a book without the protection of a publishing house? What genres of fiction do well and which ones are difficult to market? What does it take to get signed to a traditional deal? And what if you are an author who wants to be hybrid? These publishing options deserve strategic thought and planning, and you will learn exactly what you need to do to carefully jump start a successful career that will be enjoyable and long-lived.

The Squeeze: Write Your Story Through any Season

Note* This workshop is geared towards the Christian Writer’s Market, but can be re-worked to present at any ministry event.

Workshop Description: As a writer, have you ever wished you could pen yourself a different story? Maybe a happier ending? What do you do when you feel like there is no end in sight during a tough life season? As writers, we need our mind, body, and circumstances to cooperate in order to accomplish our career goals, but what if one of these areas of your life is off balance? In this workshop, Jessica will talk about achieving your writing dreams in spite of sour circumstances. We’ll look at how to press through the difficult times and write from your heart regardless of what is going on in your life. She will cover the life of a writer—the ups and downs—and how a writer’s personal life bleeds into his or her writing. She will discuss when to write, when not to write, how to emotionally navigate industry changes, and how to deal with spiritual warfare. Jessica will speak candidly about her personal experiences with authors the agency has encouraged in this difficult place and their observations of spiritual opposition working on various projects. She will encourage writers to hear and sense how God is calling you to write no matter what season you are in. Sometimes the most important lessons in life are not found in the happy ending, but in the pain of the squeeze.

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