Terri Todd

terrietodd2Terrie Todd has been trying God’s patience since 1959. She is an award-winning author who has published eight stories with
Chicken Soup for the Soul, two stage plays with Eldridge Plays and Musicals, and wrote a weekly Faith and Humor column for her hometown newspaper for six years. Terrie’s first novel, The Silver Suitcase, was published by Waterfall Press in January, 2016. Maggie’s War releases January 31, 2017, and Bleak Landing in late August, 2017.

After 20 years leading a church drama team, Terrie now works part-time as an Administrative Assistant at City Hall. She lives with her husband, Jon, on the Canadian prairies where they raised three children and now enjoy the shenanigans of four grandsons. You can catch up with her latest escapades at www.terrietodd.blogspot.com and find her at https://www.facebook.com/terrie.todd.31.

Category: Fiction